Checkered Cross Productions LLC is a productions company that houses many services catering to the arts.

We are commited to empowering fellow artists and musicians within our community and beyond to bring more art into the crazy world in which we live. 



What we have to offer

  • Vidoeo Production

  • Graphic Design

  • Vinyl Stickers/Shirts/Signs

  • Print Production

  • Merchandise Development/Creation

  • Website Development and Managment

  • Artist Promotion and Networking

  • Charitable Organization fundraising 

  • Music Lessons and teacher networking

Call To Artist!

  • Looking for Bands, Artists, Podcasters, Creators and anyone interested in creating brand recognition and cool merchandise/ Video Productions for their passion projects!

  • Allow me to produce a free platter of stickers 

  • Members of the Checkered Cross community will receive quarterly perks as well as free laminated stickers to promote yourself!

We Look Forward to Working With You