Throughout this trying time, engagements with a community stricken by the loss of loved ones, unemployment and turbulent

 dealings with the remote learning models of our school system, has driven a motivation to bring awareness and provoke thought.


Why we are suddenly adding the addition of a MASK to our laundry list of things we need to remember as we walk out our front door each day?

The answers is simple.

Wearing a Mask>

Reduces Transmission (and Mutation)> Reduces Number of hospital bed occupants>

Enables Vaccines to Work more effectively with less transmission and mutations> Enables school and work places to move toward regular environments> Enables Music And Art events.

Until this chain of events unfolds, those of us in or with loved ones in the populations effected most greatly, are forced to live in fear of those who choose not to social distance and wear masks.  

The Shirts below are meant not to offend, not to belittle, and not to throw shade towards those who do not care to engage in mask wearing behavior. 

They are merely McGuffins in the plot of 2020 to move the plot forward,

using either humor, cynicism, and cleaver wordage, to remind of the importance of the mitigation and our words in a time of fear and disaray. 

100% of the profits from items bearing the                                          logo goes to charities helping communities marginalized through this hard time.